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Get The SMOOTH JAZZ Bundle

Hotter Than The Sun Bundle
  • Hotter Than The Sun Bundle
  • Hotter Than The Sun Bundle
  • Hotter Than The Sun Bundle
  • Hotter Than The Sun Bundle
  • Hotter Than The Sun Bundle
  • Hotter Than The Sun Bundle
  • Hotter Than The Sun Bundle

Hotter Than The Sun Bundle

Unisex t-shirt



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Introducing the Ronald Wayne Smooth Jazz Bundle – a harmonious fusion of style and soul that brings the magic of smooth jazz to your wardrobe and music collection. Immerse yourself in the silky sounds of Ronald Wayne while showcasing your passion for smooth jazz music with an exclusive t-shirt.

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Ronald Wayne Jazz is all about making great smooth jazz music that touches the senses and puts your mind at ease no matter what you are doing. His smooth jazz music sounds are created by a combination of instruments including the saxophone, piano, guitar, and drums, all of which he plays himself. 

Each of his songs carries a special story that defines itself. This gives the music a sense of individual personality, forward momentum and excitement, while simultaneously providing a mellow and relaxed sound perfect for creating a calming atmosphere. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or get pumped up for a night out, smooth jazz music from Ronald Wayne Jazz is the perfect soundtrack music for any situation. 

Enjoy the sounds of Ronald Wayne Jazz, check out his impressive music bio, and feel free to add his music to your favorite playlist.


Assistant Producer 

Charlie Lane, Tacoma, Washington. 

Charlie is Ronald’s Grandson who has incredible talent in computer analytics and the arts. His music accomplishments are only surpassed by his creative accomplishments in comic book character creation. Thank you Charlie. 

Digital Marketing

Lance Ziegler, CDMP Certified Digital Marketing Pro, Florida.

Lance handles Ronald’s digital marketing, website development and strategic management. 


Alex Markham “The DAW Tutor” London, England.

Alex Ron’s link to his Steinberg software used for all recording at RW Studios in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Alex assisted Ronald with developing specific parameters and recording methods. 


Fuzzywallz Mastering, Jon Weil (Head Mastering Engineer) and Brandon Weil (GM/Assistant Studio Engineer), Seattle, Washington

Jon and Brandon oversee all mastering for music created by Ronald Wayne. Bringing the studio mix to life is their specialty. With multiple artists in their stable, Fuzzywallz is becoming a leader in studio mix and mastering across the country.   

Keyboards, Synths and Software 

All keyboards, synths, and instruments played by Ronald are by Yamaha exclusively. DAW & recording software by Steinberg, Cubase. 

Financial Management and Studio Coordinator 

Colleen DeBerry, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Ronald’s wife and partner helps keep Ronald’s priorities and accomplishments straight in the real world. She says, ”Artists are moody and need guidance.”   Thank You Colleen!

Ronald Wayne Jazz Acknowledgement Photo

Ronald Wayne Jazz Acknowledgements