New Release, "Let It Flow" Out Now!


“Let It Flow”


This smooth jazz tune conjures up my early days hanging around Disneyland in the late 60’s. Numerous small clubs catered to the young Marines stationed nearby that frequented them. Our favorite thing to do, in the day, was to find a young Marine who would buy liquor for us. In CA, the age was 21 and most of these guys were under 21, but their uniform allowed them to purchase. We would buy them a bottle and have them get us one, and the party was on.

Sitting in the front row at small clubs we saw the likes of Tower of Power, The James Cotton Blues Band, The Association, and many others popular at that time.

A good time was had by all, and we were able to see some incredible bands. One Marine said, “Oh you guys again! Let’s go and “Let It Flow.” Hence the song name. 

This song reminds me of sitting front row with some young Marines, likely heading to Vietnam. Little did I know I would be called up shortly after with a lottery number of 51 it was written. At that time, I was trying to join a National Guard unit and I would have surely been sent, but circumstances changed, and I was not taken into service. Many of my friends from college did not come home.

My favorite groups always had a Hammond B3 on stage and it emblazoned my love of the instrument into my mind. In “Let It Flow,” a brass section accentuates searing guitar leads sending us back to that small stage and an age on innocence while the world fought on. Much like today, the young Marines face uncertain futures and if young Marine jazz lovers listen to “Let it Flow,” you will know we’re there with you wherever you are!



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